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[Desktop][Pix4Dmodel] File OBJ processed quality worse than preview in Pix4D

I’m trying out Pix4d, as I want to create a 3D mesh with textures to use with my Sketckup Project idea.I tryed several times, but the result is the same.

When I open it in Skethup with OBJ file importer, it is the edges get rounded and details get blurred: the file looks terrible compared to the same processed in Pix4d. Also the same thinks append in Meshlab.

Why? Thanks!

Hi Davide, 

I believe the reason is that platforms like Sketchup or Meshlab will simplify the 3D Textured Mesh for viewing, because the file is too large otherwise. You could try to reduce the 3D Textured Mesh settings in Pix4D to create a smaller output file, e.g. by selecting “Low Resolution” in the Processing Options: 

Let us know how this went!

CloudCompare seems to display OBJ meshes well and it’s free