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3D mesh not the same as 3D PDF output


I have generated a 3D mesh in Pix4Dmapper Pro and after export into 3D PDF I see a big difference in terms of quality. Is there a way how to export the same mesh quality into PDF ?


Very similar problem here. Trying to view my model on Sketchfab but there is a huge quality drop from the 3d mesh i see in Pix4d when I export my file as a .OBJ. Is there anyway to keep the same 3d quality?

Same here. We had a beautiful 3D model created for us with Pix4D, but the exported .OBJ, PDF and .DXF files have much larger triangle sizes than the textured 3D surface as seen in Pix4D. Quality is not gained by explicitly exporting the Triangle meshes. Is there any simple way of exporting a high-res triangle mesh so that it has the same quality as when viewed in Pix4D ?  

Hello Michal, hello Max, hello Chris,

When the 3D Textured Mesh is displayed properly in Pix4D software but not the same way in another software, then either the settings need to be adjusted or the resolution might not be supported by this third party software. 

@Michal, the problem you are mentioning with the resolution may be related to the PDF viewer that is not able to deal with high resolution texture and thus downscales it.

@Max, in Sketchfab you can change the settings and orientation of the 3D Textured Mesh to display it properly. 

@Chris, .fbx file formats are commonly used as well as .obj files. 

In these articles will find instructions about how to use the 3D Textured Mesh in different 3rd party software: 

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    3. How to import into 3DS Max.


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