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Problems with 3D mesh output in 3DS MAX

Hi ,
I’m new to Pix4D.
I used data from a UAV to create a 3D model of an urban area. The 3D mesh turned out to be pretty decent, but did not retain the quality when I exported it to 3DS MAX. The edges get rounded and details get blurred.I’ve tried the same in blender as well.What can I do to get a high quality 3D Mesh in any 3D editing software ? I tried exporting the project both as a .obj and .ply file.

You can try to change the processing options to obtain a model with more quality, increasing maximum number of triangles and texture size, but the processing will take more time.
And ensure that you import properly, for 3DS sometimes is needed a plugging:

Kyle Garcia, I’ve processed to the highest degree of quality possible on my pix4d models, but when I export the mesh from pix4d the quality as viewed by other viewing software is inferior to what I see in pix4d. How can I export from pix4d while retaining the same level of quality?


i have the same problem and i processed in the highest degree of quality but as the comments above i have problem with pix4d 3d model output in 3Dmax

i searched many forum and i tried several ways but can not fix it.

 anyone who resolved this problem please share the useful experience.

I did not face the same issue, but sometimes third party software have some difficulties viewing high resolution meshes, so they reduce the quality for display purposes. It would be interesting to get an input from support of 3DSmax. If anyone contacts them about that, please share the answer here.