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3D PDF Quality Lower than 3D Mesh in Pix4Dmapper


I exported a 3D PDF of one of my models processed in Pix4Dmapper and noticed that the result in the PDF is lower quality than that of the 3D mesh when viewed in Pix4Dmapper or on the cloud. Is there anyway to increase the PDF quality so that it matches that of the original 3D mesh? Is the 3D PDF generated using just the .obj file or does it include the .jpg texture data?



Hi Adam,
I think its best to understand that a 3D PDF is used for a low quality, quick overview of the project. This is not a limitation of PIX4Dmapper but rather the PDF format itself. Although the format itself does not limit the maximum texture resolution, Adobe Acrobat usually limits it to 2048x2048 or less in order to provide better stability on low–quality hardware.