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Adobe Acrobat Reader 3D PDF conversion

I’m trying to export a mesh to 3D PDF, but I can’t find any instructions on how.  I’m using the latest version of Pix4D and its the pro demo version.  I have 14 days left and I need to create some samples for a prospective client.

In the processing options of step 2 you can select the 3D pdf as output for the mesh. If you already processed step 2 you don’t need to process it again. You can simply go to process -> generate 3D mesh to process only the mesh.

Hope it helps!

Thanks Alex!  I couldn’t figure out how to export.  Pretty unintuitive interface, I must say.

So I did include the 3d pdf in a project I am working on but I don’t understand how to export it? Where is the export function for these?


Hi @shawn,

If you have selected the 3D pdf as output for your mesh:

It will be generated and located in your result folder:


your project/2_densification/3d_mesh/yourproject_simplified_3d_mesh.pdf

Hope this will help.

Thanks Marco,

Lots of instructions on how to make sure that the pdf was being generated and take you 95% of the way to getting to the pdf. Your info there with the path and the button to open the path was the last 5% .

Thanks that makes it clear.