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JPEG Orthomosaic

The ability to produce an orthomosaic in JPEG format would be EXTREMELY helpful. When trying to get an overall site photo just for a visual representation the TIF does not work most of the time in standard photo viewers because of it’s size.

A lot of times in our work flow we would benefit greatly from a simple site photo of the entire site, but cannot due to height restrictions and the size of the site. However, the TIF becomes to large of a file since we don’t need to measure from it.

We have used Trimble Stratus through Propeller to process projects before and once the ortho is processed on their end you are able to download a JPEG ortho which is extremely smaller in size and usable. Maybe this becomes a feature on Pix4D Cloud?

NEED this functionality!

Hello Tylor,

It is true that it is not possible to export an orthomosaic in JPEG format.

However, if you just want to have a visual representation of the area you can check “Generate OrthoMosaic Preview in Quality Report” and you will have the complete area in your Quality Report right after Step1 is finished


That file (the ortho preview) can be found in png format under the folder: …\1_initial\report\html and can perhaps be used for your purpose. It is a preview so it does not have a lot of resolution.

In addition to what I just said, you could also reduce the resolution of the final orthomosaic:


You could, for example, generate a low resolution orthomosaic first and once it is ready, run Step3 again with the resolution you would like to get. If you select a low resolution, the processing time will not be much.

I hope these tips help you.






Thanks Daniel.

Unfortunately that’s not what I am looking for. The preview size will not suffice and the low res TIF won’t either because regardless of the resolution, TIF files are always much larger in size than JPEG. 

I’ve attached the example I mentioned before. It is the JPEG we are able to download from Trimble Stratus after uploading the large ortho TIF. This is a 537 acre site.

Can Pix4D provide the same type of functionality on their cloud?

Hi Tylor,

At the moment we can only recommend you to use a third-party software, such as a GIS software, to save it as JPEG.
It is not on Pix4DCloud’s pipeline to develop such functionality in the near future.
Nevertheless, a screenshot option has been added lately:



Thanks Marco, I think that will work exactly for what I need. 

Nice work!

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