Generating Highest Resolution Orthomosaic Possible Given File Size Constraints

In many cases I like to generate a full resolution (1X GSD) Orthomosaic.  On larger projects (1,000 + photos) this can generate a GeoTIFF 2 or more GB in size which is too large of a file for pretty much most user’s workstations to display.  In the past when using Photoscan (now Metashape) I use the option to generate a JPEG instead as the file size is much smaller than the GeoTIFF (didn’t need the file to be geotagged in many cases.)  

I can’t seem to find a way to output a JPEG in Pix4D mapper and since a GeoTIFF of several GB is too large to load into an image editor, I’m at a loss of how to get a JPEG without exporting at less than full resolution.

Any suggested solutions?

Great question, Jeff! Based on our conversations with Pix4D this currently isn’t an option, but is in their pipeline. I’ll be interested to hear if there are any further updates.

Hi Jeff,

Larry is right. Unfortunately, we don’t have a feature yet for converting to jpeg. You have to use some third party software like QGIS for the conversion: 

A $500 Global Mapper license will allow you to do this, and you’ll find about 100 other benefits that you never knew you wanted.  

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I’m having the same problem. I am mapping large areas (500 acres) and the resulting GeoTIFF for example is 2.1GB. I can bring it into QGIS and export the layer but QGIS will not let me go higher than 3000DPI so the exported resolution of the JPEG is like 1/8th the resolution of the GeoTIFF.

Is there a free solution out there that can convert large GeoTIFFs up to 2GB in size (65000 pixels x 50000 pixels) to a JPEG? DroneDeploy and Photoscan (Metashape) both export full resolution JPEGs of even very large size.


I think this online software can help you. I just converted a 1 GB file to JPG.



I downloaded IrfanViewer (mentioned here in Pix4D documentation) and, after waiting a while for the 3.6 GB tif file to appear, I used ‘Save as…’ to generate a jpg file which was 331 MB. Then I realized that I could also use IrfanViewer to generate a 4K resolution jpg file that my client could actually see and download with typical consumer software. I donated through PayPal. Well worth the donation.