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Big TIFF Support

Could be added in Pix4DMapper support of Big TIFF file format? Reason: normal TIFF has file size limitation equal 4 Gb, and could be some troubles with generation of orthomosaic single file, unlike Big TIFF format has no file size limitations.

Thank you for sharing your suggestion with us.

Our team is already aware that exporting orthomosaic as .BigTIFF would be a very useful option on we have it on our list of future improvements of the software. 

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Ok, it will be great!

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Is the .BIGTIFF file format been implemented in Pix4D?

Hi Ayann,

Not yet. However, your contribution to this topic will help our developers decide to implement this feature with a higher priority in our future releases.
Thank you


Hi Beata,

I have been given wrong information by your Sales team.

We wanted to buy Pix4D Mapper perpetual license and had raised the same question to your sales expert.

They told me that if the orthomosaic file exceeds 4GB then Pix4D automatically converts the .tiff file to BIGTIFF format.

Please find the screenshots of the mail from your sales team.



I’m sorry that I confused you!

Yes, Florian was/is right saying that we do support BIG TIFF as soon as the 4GB is exceeded.

I doubled checked it with my team and it’s true. My sincerest apologies for misleading information!


The Pix4Dmapper creates BIG TIFF by default as soon as the 4GB is exceeded.