Insufficient orthomosaic accuracy


I have a problem with exporting orthomosaics to a jpg file. The flight of drone and calculations are made with an accuracy of 0,9 cm/px but orthomosaic export only allows JPG file with accuracy of 7,1 cm/px. Exporting to tiff the file size is too large, so it is necessary to export the jpg file

What is the solution to achieve accuracy of orthomosaic also 0.9cm/px?

Uploading: plik.pdf…

Converting to a .jpg format compresses the file and averages pixels to do so. That’s why the file size is smaller. What is the use case for the ortho? Why is the Geotiff to large (upload constraints, software constraints, etc)? I have used Global Mapper to tile the image into smaller images vs one larger ortho.

The idea is to obtain orthomosaics with an accuracy of 0.9 px / cm in jpg format, and the program does not generate such accuracy.

With the number of photos around 400, this problem does not occur, it only starts with more photos, as in the attached screenshot.

Hi matys,
Have you considered using the tile option for the .tiff file? This way no single file will be that large. This might be the best option.