Ortomosaic export

With the raid at an altitude of 70 meters, the object has about 1900 photos. The problem occurs with this number of photos, when the object has about 100 photos of the problem is not. And the point is that the export of orthomosaic to jpg format shows 0.9 cm / px, but the file does not want to open. It is probably damaged because it weighs 0kb. One option is to export to tiff format, and then again to jpg. However, with the second export to jpg, the quality deteriorates significantly and it is insufficient (6,8cm/px).
What is the possibility to get a file in jpg format with an accuracy of 0.9 cm / px with the number of photos about 1900?
The problem may be in the settings, which is why I attach a report.
Gniezno DW 30.03.2023-quality_report.pdf (38.8 KB)

Hello @matys.skoracki, You should be able to get the jpg format at the actual resolution. However, the file might not open with the standard photo viewer due to the size. You can export the jpg file format by setting 100% quality, and L image size and use third-party software such as QGIS or IrfanView (http://www.irfanview.com/)