Missing orthomosaic during processing

Hi everyone,
I have been collecting aerial images using eBee Standard with multiple flights - 2D only.
So when i try to process them using our licensed Pix4D Desktop, the results are incomplete when I view the orthomosaic output even in ArcGIS. In the report though, it shows the complete orthomosaic imagery. Any suggestions or comments what might I have done wrong? Appreciate your help in this regard.
Marshall Islands

Hi Benedict,

Could it be that the orthomosaic tiles are not merged so then you see just a part of your area in ArcGIS?



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Hi Ina,

Thanks for your reply. How do I let the software (Pix4D Desktop) fix the orthomosaic being not merged? Any suggestions? I have done it multiple times and still my orthomosaic tiles are missing at some point.


Hey Benedict,

That happened to me couple times, even though the report preview says that orthomosaic mosaic was generated, the project didn’t actually created the merged group_1 orthomosaic. If you have all of your separate tiles from your project area, the easiest way and probably the fastest way would be merging them in ArcGIS to create a complete orthomosaic, just bring all your tiles and merge them. However if you don’t have all your tiles, I would re-run the step 3 in Pix4D, that would also fix your problem. I am not sure exactly why Pix4D sometimes doesn’t merge the tiles, but I am guessing it may be stalling at the step or something.