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Warping orthomosaic error - distorted image

Hi, I’m Victor, i have a lot of tiles from a drone flight (Ebee Plus) over a farm , this time when i tried to make the orthomosaic, this happened:

I tried to process it on the pix4D cloud, an got the same results, the result was a warped image… There is a way to clamp those point to the ground? because i need only the 2D image, for visual analysis.

If someone knows how i can proceed to make the orthomosaic without the warping, i apreciate the help.

I’m using Pix4d Mapper Pro on windows 10

Hi Victor, 

Do you have a S.O.D.A. camera?
If yes, please have a look at this forum post from our Changelog: 

It worked like a charm! This flight was done with the old firmware, we updated it today while we prepared for the next flight.

thank you so much!

You are welcome. Glad that it worked! :slight_smile:

That is an impressive flight grid with image capture, was it a single flight with the eBee Plus?