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Problem with the orthomosaic

I have an issue in some of my last flights with the orthomosaic. I have some black shape appearing as you may see in the image. I was flying 120 meters and 70% overlap and 70% sidelap. What seems to be the problem?


We would need more details to provide assistance in the most efficient way. Could you please send us the following?

▸ The quality report (.pdf format): …\project_name\1_initial\report\project_name_report.pdf

I don’t understand. What I’m supposed to send?

I don´t understand where the quality report is on Pix4dfields.

Hi Lionel,

Regarding your issue, could you please look at the raw data and make sure that those black polygons are not in the original images taken from the drone or that dark series of pictures are not contained in your dataset?

Is there also a log file you could provide us with? Take a look at this article: How to export log files in Pix4Dfields – Support

Hi, sorry for the delay. I still have the same problem. I confirm that those black polygons are not in the original images.

Maybe if I upload part of the images into a server and you could analyze yourself?

I´m uploading the flight I did today with the orthomosaic, the flight path and also de log file you ask for.

215465f0-6d89-47ea-b062-e011bc47885a_logfile.log (703.2 KB)
applicationLog.log (27.8 KB)

Did you collect nadir images? I see from the log file a message saying there

Camera id 43 has large angle with nadir: 46.4079 degrees

Pix4Dfields supports only nadir images (<35-degree orientation to the ground), maybe that is causing those artifacts. What happens when you process without radiometric correction? Could you please try to see if there is any difference?


Yes, I’m collecting nadir images. This is my plane, and the camera is mounted in nadir position.

Without radiometric correction those blacks shapes are gone but the color on the ortomosaic is very different.

Thanks for the information. You can send us the images and the log files of both projects when you process using radiometric correction and when you do not use radiometric correction. You can send the images here if you prefer, and if you do not have support&upgrade.

If you have support&upgrade you can share the images in a ticket to support.

If you send the images in a ticket to support please also add the link to this community post.

Also did you fly in a clear sky or overcast day?

What a support & upgrade?

I´m sending you the log files with and without radiometric correction.

I have 17 GB of images I can´t send to you here.

215465f0-6d89-47ea-b062-e011bc47885a_logfile.log (703.2 KB)
without radiometric correction.log (684.0 KB)

It´s a mix between the two but mostly an overcast day.

About that, I check with the log each time its say “large angle” is when the plane is turning at the end of each lane.

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Okay would it be possible for you to capture a new dataset making sure you fly under clear sky or uniformly overcast? This way would be the best to check if there is an issue in the software or was mainly the dataset.

Or are you having this issue consistenly regarless of the weather condition?

From the information I receive until now, I think the issue is due to weather conditions. Capturing data on partly cloudy days with rolling clouds or changing weather conditions can lead to artifacts.

And thanks for the info about the large angle!

Yes, I´m having constantly this problem. The first time it happens it was on September 2020. The dataset prior to that was on July 2020 when I flow 5 different days with 0 problems. I don´t know is something change with the program between those dates.

I see. Could you please share a dataset that you took in clear sky or overcast conditions and where you see these issues? With those images, we can replicate the issue, and understand it.

Thanks so much