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Pix4Dmapper orthomosaic image processing problems


After surveying using the DJI Phantom 4 rtk drone.
The problem as shown in the image below occurred when producing orthomosaic image.

What solutions are there?

Hi @sungyeoly,

May I see your Quality Report? Could you please upload it here?


Hi Beata,

Upload Quality report it here.

Best regards and take care,

Sungyeol์ •์‚ฌ์˜์ƒ_2_report.pdf (1.5 MB)


Could you please reprocess the project using the 3D Map template? If the result wonโ€™t be any better please use All prior in the Internal Parameters Optimatization (Calibration tab) and respond with the update. Please donโ€™t forget about the Quality Report.

Thank you!

Yeah.thats what we generally do , processed with 3d template and no betterment in point cloud.anyways Iโ€™ll try with the one which you stated in the comment box
Thank you

Hi, Beata

Applying your comment solved the problem.

Thank you!

์ •์‚ฌ์˜์ƒ_3_report.pdf (709.6 KB)

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