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Orthomosaic reconstrucion/processing

Hello to everyone in the community.

Here I share 2 screenshots with you.

In one, you can see the 3D model from the raycloud on Pix4D (it’s marked). The road it’s clearly defined and well marked, like the trees and the piece of concrete.

In the other one, you see the orthomosaic from the same place imported into QGIS and you will be able to see how everything seems like faded or blurred (not sure what’s the best verb to use).

I’m aware this work has not been done with the best camera for this purpose, however the generated ortho should not see like this. I would like to hear your ideas about how to solve it. In PIX4D everything seems well for me.

Thanks in advance.

To make already a point clear, having a look on the raycloud from a 45º perspective, it does not seem like the points are at different heights and they have same level.

Hi @MiguelToril, thank you for all the screenshots and the detailed description of the situation.

As you said, the other outputs (point cloud, mesh) look fine, and it is not clear why the orthomosaic looks like that.

There could be an issue with the image calibration, would it be possible to:

  • Share the quality report.
  • Check the reprojection error of a point in the rayCloud? If you look at how the point is reprojected back on the images - do you see any that are off?