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Orthomosaic quality

Hello everyone.
When generating the orthomosaic, I obtain something like you can see on the picture attached.
Can someone help me to resolve this and obtain a good orthomosaic ?

I would like to check whether it is hardware related issue (display issue) or not first. Would you please make sure all components especially GPU are updated and also test on a different computer if you have one? I also appreciate it if you could open the orthomosaic using different software and see if it shows the same result.

Kind regards,

Good, i’ll try it.
Thanks for the assistance

I’ve opened the orthomosaic with QGIS, but I show the same result.

Would you please upload the quality report? Did you have any issues processing step 1 and 2? I also appreciate it if you could upload screenshots of the point clouds of the problematic areas. Could this area be lakes, rivers, or forests? If you could describe the area, it will be very helpful to understand the issue.

Kind regards,

You can find attached the screenshots of the point clouds.
The area is mostly consisted of forests.

Thank you for uploading the screenshot. The vegetated areas could be difficult to reconstruct due to their complex geometry (thousands of branches and leaves). By changing the flight setting as well as processing settings, the result could be improved. There is an article explaining how to improve the outputs of dense vegetation areas (the link below) and recommend following the steps. Hope it helps.

Kind regards,