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Poor Orthomosaic quality

I keep getting a poor orthomosaic image from a couple projects. I have processed them multiple times trying different settings. Haven’t seen this issue before.Reliable%20Partners%20Test_transparent_mosaic_group1

I’ve never seen anything like that. Ever.

Can you upload your quality report? Do you have this uploaded to the cloud, or just on desktop?

Hi @American_Engineers,

I agree with Derrick; we would need more information.
Could you upload at least your Quality Report over here?
Which shutter model did you apply?


Reliable Partners Test_report.pdf (1.2 MB)


Could you tell me whether the result you got comes from the same processing we see in the Quality Report? The orthomosiac from the preview doesn’t have similar issues.

My advice is to reprocess the dataset with the Global Shutter instead of the Rolling Shutter.