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point cloud data construct well but orthomosaic failure

Dear Team,

                      I have good point cloud generation for and agriculture area with sequoia camera but orthomosaic not well kindly resolve the issue immediately

thomosaic not construct well


Could you please share screenshots from your Pix4D  report ? I may be able to help you out, but it  is hard to tell what is going on by looking at the orthomosaic.  

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Hi there, 

As Selim said, more information would be useful. Please share a link to the quality report hosted on a file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. 

I suspect two causes: 

  1. There might be insufficient hardware ressources available for the size of the project. Please give more information about your computer hardware (CPU, GPU, RAM, hard drive). Also, please check your GPU drivers for potential updates. 

  2. A colleague showed me a project with a similar issue. The problem was created by the linear rolling shutter in the camera model. Please try to rerun the project with the “Global Shutter or Fast Readout” instead of “Linear Rolling Shutter”. Click Project > Image Properties Editor… > Selected Camera Model > Edit…, click Edit once more. There you can change the parameter next to Shutter Model.