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Ortho Error

I processed my project on desktop and uploaded to cloud to share with my client. Everything uploaded except the ortho. I re-uploaded the combined ortho by itself and once it finished uploading im getting an error but no reason to what the error is for. How can I tell if it’s still processing or is there truly an error?

Hi Dustin,

I replied to your personal support ticket a few minutes ago. The orthomosaic failed during tiling. This error is expected for outputs having a significant size and/or a complex geometry. In this case, the tiling process failed, meaning that the generated orthomosaic could not be split into smaller web maps (tiles) for several zoom levels and for this reason, the output cannot be displayed on the map view of the Cloud platform. You would reduce to reduce the resolution (increase the GSD) in Pix4D or QGIS/any 3rd party software and upload to cloud again.