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Multiple LAS Pointcloud files

Hi there. We have processed in mapper and uploaded to cloud all the data files. There are multiple LAS pointcloud files, but we can only see one of them in the 3D mode of cloud. We can see all the textured mesh and everything else, but just not the full site (i.e. all the LAS pointcloud files) when in pointcloud data only. Please help. Many thanks.

Hi Fin,

You contacted us also via email so we will follow up on the issue there.



I just came across the same issue and would appreciate if you could discuss this publicly.


Hi Simon,

Only one LAS file can be uploaded as a result to PIX4Dcloud.
What is happening is that PIX4Dcloud is only able to load one file at a time, so it’s choosing to display one tile only.
Check How to merge the Tiles of the Point Cloud to merge the tiles that were created in PIX4Dmapper and then upload the merged LAS file or use some third-party software to merge the tiles.

It is possible to merge the tiles of the point cloud:

During step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh.

  1. On the Menu bar, click Process > Processing Options…
  2. On the Processing Options pop-up, select the processing step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh .
  3. In the section Export, select Merge Tiles into One File .
  4. Click OK .
  5. On the Menu bar, click View > Processing .
  6. On the Processing bar, select 2. Point Cloud and Mesh .
  7. Click Start to start processing.

    After processing step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh.
  8. Click View > rayCloud .
  9. On the left sidebar, expand the Point Clouds layer and then the Densified Point Cloud list and right-click on the densified point cloud to be merged.
  10. Click Export Point Cloud… , the Export Point Cloud pop-up appears.
  11. Select Merge Tiles Into One File to export the point cloud into one file.
    For more information: How to export the Point Cloud.

I hope this helps.