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Pix4D Cloud generated orthomosaic, but no point clouds?

I split a project into 13 subprojects because of how large it was and uploaded each subproject to the cloud. After processing, none of them have any generated point clouds and I am unsure why.


Here is a link to a .log file I downloaded from my cloud account of an acqusition that did not generate any point clouds. 



The processing in the cloud takes into account the settings in Pix4d desktop that you have set prior to uploading, what was ticked prior to upload?

Hi Adriano,

I cannot access your link, as it is asking me for permissions, but this article should help you troubleshoot your problem. As @SurveyTeam ChristchurchCityCouncil suggested, it might be due to the processing options you set before uploading your project from the desktop application to the Cloud platform. I hope it helps.