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3D Model Not Showing Up On Cloud

I processed my first project using the pix4dmapper desktop application. Upon completion I uploaded it to the cloud. However, when I go to view the 3D model on the cloud, I only see a blank screen. Did I miss a step in processing?

Hi Alex,

Can you send us a link of your cloud project? You can also give your license number or email ID so that we can look it up. Cloud takes some time to do some processing and then show the 3D model or any other outputs on the interface. 

I believe you need to generate the OBJ file for it to be visible in the cloud, if I remember right.  

99% sure that as of ~1 year ago, the 3d model would only show in the cloud if you  generated one of the specific formats. 75% sure that format was the obj. 

Hi Derrick,

You are right, OBJ format needs to be checked. Pix4Dcloud uses the default 3D maps template where it is already checked. However, if the project was uploaded from Pix4D desktop with OBJ unchecked, 3D model won’t be displayed

Alex, you can look at this article: