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Pix4Dcloud not showing 3D Preview

Both the Capture App product page and the documentation say that you can view a 3D preview of the model after the images have been uploaded to the Pix4DCloud.  However if I log into the website and go to my Projects, I can only see  Orthomosaic and DSM maps.  Nothing about 3D. 

The projects were uploaded from Pix4DMapper Discovery since the auto-sync and upload in the Pix4DCapture app does not work with Phantom 3.   

How do I see 3D preview from Pix4DCloud? 


Hi Scott,

In order to visualize the 3D textured mesh on the Pix4D cloud, it is necessary to process on the cloud directly.
If you upload a project you processed on your machine, the mesh cannot be uploaded.

To process the dataset on the cloud you should go to Project > Upload Project Files… and check the Start Processing box.
Note that the cloud process is fast and the quality of this outputs is lower.

If you wish to share the 3D textured mesh, it is also possible to use Sketchfab for instance.
We have a procedure about that:

Best regards,