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Missing Map and 3D-model


I’ve uploadet ny project via pix4d desktop to pix4d cloud.

My problem is, when to project on the cloud is done processing, I can’t see to 3D-model or the map

Has anyone else had a problem with this, at what is the solution?

Hi Christian,

Which projects (ID) are you talking about?

Sometimes what could happen is that you get an email saying that it is completed but it is not totally done.
Therefore you just need to wait a bit longer.


Vestervænget (I am not sure if it is that what you mean)

Hi Christian,

According to our system, your project is processing as it has started this morning at 10.15 AM. Be patient and if it crash or do not display your models, please write us again.

I would like to point out that according to our system you are eligible for personal support