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Mapper to Cloud workflow

Just so I am clear on this.

If I want to upload to the cloud for collaboration with clients and internal team but want to make edits I need to either:
Upload raw images to the cloud, let them process, download the cloud and mesh to mapper, locally edit it, then reupload them both to the cloud.
I can just process on my machine with mapper and upload to the cloud at the same time to double process, then upload my mapper data to the cloud to replace the cloud made data.

Is there any plans to allow direct upload to the cloud from mapper without having to go back and forth and double process? Seems a bit silly to have to pay for two software packages from the same company that require so much workaround to get a task done.

Hi @drone15 ,

As you say, editing the point cloud is not possible on Pix4Dcloud. The Pix4Dcloud application is thought to provide a more automatized procedure, therefore manual editing of the point cloud is not a feature. On the contrary, Pix4Dmapper is the tool that allows you to have more control over the data, customize options, edit results etc…

We understand this might not satisfy all users’ needs and we keep your feedback into consideration.

Regarding the workflows that you mentioned, both are correct. Please notice that when you upload/reupload the edited results, you should follow the procedure explained in this article of the documentation: How to upload or replace results on Pix4Dcloud.