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Pix4Dcloud without Mapper

Hi guys, new user here.

At the moment I’m demoing the Pix4Dcloud and mapper.

My question is do you need to have both? Can you run the Pix4Dcloud without having the mapper at all?

Hello Gabriel,

Pix4Dmapper enables users to have full control of their project: adding Ground Control Points (GCPs) and Manual Tie Points (MTPs), editing the densified point cloud, and changing settings that can improve the final results.

Pix4Dcloud also allows to achieve high-quality results but lets the user choose among a predefined set of processing templates. Pix4Dcloud is the easiest way to share a project online and to do some simple but practical analysis.

For more information, please refer to the link below.

What are the templates and processing options applied to Pix4Dcloud

Pix4Dcloud - FAQ

Kind regards,

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