Biggest Feuture Request, Just make sure all the Mapper featers are in there!

I would like to suggest something.

Make sure the product is what you claim!
A faster newer and more high tech replacemend of Mapper.
That was my expectation based on the marketing!

i’ts a Deseption!

Sorry i’m struggeling with the software for like half a year.

I’m back to mapper again.

  1. No cloud processing
  2. Random craches
  3. No mail update when done processing
  4. No custum presets for prosessing

i’m sorry to conclude that it is in a way a degraded version of Mapper with a nice facial upgrade.
For me as a proffesional i miss detail robust framework an sustainable workflow.

It’s that the software wasn’t that expensive otherwise i would withdraw my order!

Please stop the marketing en start programming to match it’s predesessor Pix4D Mapper!

greetz a happy but some troubled en worry’d custumer.

Hi @Levi_Kooman

Sorry to hear about your bad experience so far with PIX4Dmatic.

PIX4Dmapper is a solid product and is still the favored choice for many. Switching to PIX4Dmatic should only be done if it satisfies your needs, maybe it was too early in this case. I hope you will give it a go again in the future.

My understanding is that the main points you would like us to address are:

Although we have a “Share to Cloud” that enables you to share results from your desktop to PIX4Dcloud in an easy way, we still need to enable the upload for processing on the cloud. This is a priority for us and should be addressed in the first part of 2024.

As for the random crashes, it would help if you could share which version you’ve been using and when you would experience these, so that we can try to reproduce and fix them. We aim at reducing these as much as possible, so that there are no unexpected events while using the software. Have you reached out to the technical support about these? The “stable” versions should have the least amount of crashes, whereas the “preview” versions have the newest developments but would typically be less robust.

As for the notification by email when the processing is done, well noted.

For the custom presets for processing, I assume you refer to saving processing options templates, so that you could customize these for your use cases. This is part of the plans and will be added eventually to the software.

I would be interested in understanding your use cases in more detail, so that we can make sure PIX4Dmatic matches your expectations eventually.

Thank you for voicing your feedback and for your understanding.