Visual Inspection Tool

Hi All

I have just started moving over to PIX4DMatic from Mapper and I have got to say I am loving it so far.

One query I had is does anyone know when you will be able to proces in the cloud from it so our clients can use the visual inspection tool???

Thanks in advance…


Hello @operations2, At the moment, you can directly upload the results such as Point Cloud, Mesh, DSM, and Orthomosaic from PIX4Dmatic to PIX4D cloud. However, the processing of the images is not carried out during this uploading, so the Visual Inspect tool won’t be available for those projects.

For more information on uploading this results to the cloud visit,

Thanks for the update. Do you know when this will be available? We are just moving to pix4dmatic from pix4dmapper and loosing this function seems like a backwards step when moving to software which is supposed to surpass mapper in all areas.

Hi @operations2 , thanks for your feedback.

Enabling the inspection tool on PIX4Dcloud when uploading from PIX4Dmatic requires to upload the original images with it too. As mentioned by Kapil, right now we only upload the results for sharing.

The next steps for improving the PIX4Dmatic to PIX4Dcloud workflow will be to enable the inspection tool, but also to enable the setup of a project in PIX4Dmatic with further processing in PIX4Dcloud. Last but not least, we want to be able to easily download a project from the PIX4Dcloud to open it in PIX4Dmatic, so that you can fix it if needed and send it back. We’re working on multiple improvements in both products to make this compatibility simpler. It’s hard to give an accurate timeline for when these will be available, but it’s definitely on our to do. We have other people who mentioned they require this too.

Although this does not give a definite answer, I do hope this confirms we’re going in the direction you’d like us to go.