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Cloud Processing


I did a cloud processing and the result was weird. I don’t know if the error was in my drone flight or in orthomosaic processing. There is an example image in attachment. Tks!

Could you share the quality report? It would help a lot figuring out the problem


I had a look at the project that is on your Cloud account (feel free to share the link so that others can have a look too!). 

There is a lack of overlap in the area where you took the screenshot: 

In the 3D model I saw that this area is on a hill. If you kept a constant altitude throughout the project for acquiring the images, then the overlap is not the same depending on how high the ground is. This also explains why the reconstruction is worse. 

If possible I would adapt the flight height over that area, so that the Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) and overlap is homogeneous throughout the project. I think this should fix the problem.In the meantime you might want to try the Mosaic Editor on the desktop and replace the area in your screenshot with a planar projection. 


Hello Jaakko Laihola

I do not know how to attach the report here. But Pierangelo Rothenbühler posed the problem here.


Hello Mr. Pierangelo Rothenbühler. I’m with this problem. The result that I’ve found has been calibrate the images in the location that is red. At this moment I’m processing the calibrated images, could you say me if this processing can solve my problems? I would like to know if I get processing the images in Pix4D cloud after that I realize all adjustments in images, specifically on rematch and optimized.

Hello Gustavo Gorgulho, 

To share the quality report here you should post a link to a file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, so that we can access it. Otherwise, you could take screenshots and post these instead. 

I am not sure I understood the steps you have taken to address the problem. Can you please describe the steps in more detail? What is the current status of the project? Thanks!