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Large Mission, Low Altitude, Issues


I recently was tasked with processing a job from another pilot where the job had over 3500 images, however upon processing the ortho looks very broken up in certain spots. I checked the images and I can clearly see that it wasn’t flown high enough.

But is there any way to change a setting on the processing that could potentially rectify the images a bit better? I have it on 1/4 scale, 1/2 image size for PCD, and 6 Min # of matches. Is there anything that can be done to the images in the images property editor that can help?

Thanks ahead of time.


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Hi Brendan,

Thank you for opening this thread.
The issue might be related to the lack of overlap between images caused by the low flight altitude.
Could you please share the quality report so I can take a look?


Thanks for getting back. The QR isn’t yet completed because it’s still processing. However here it the overlap graphic.

This site is about 250,000 sq ft, but am I correct in stating that flying at at least 120 feet will yield better results with the point cloud and ortho?


From the overlap image shown, it seems that there are several spots with very low overlap.
Do you have the full quality report?