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Missing Areas In Ortho


I was wondering if someone could help. I flew a mission the other day, however it appears that many images were dropped in processing. I’ve attached some images of the mission, the waypoints and cameras on the flown mission and images what came of it. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Hello Keane,

Would you please upload the whole quality report to investigate further?

Thanks so much, any insight to what I did wrong and what I can do different next time would be greatly appreciated. Here is the report:

100059077 Ortho_report.pdf (598.3 KB)

Hello Keane,

Thank you for uploading the quality report. It is helpful to evaluate the project. I noticed that you used version 4.6.3 to process it based on the report. This version has issues with the EXIF data. It is fixed in the latest version 4.6.4, so I recommend processing with version 4.6.4. If you want us to check if the issue is related to the EXIF data, please upload one of the images you used to process it.

Kind regards,