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Blank Ortho after processing

I have finished processing on multiple different projects and I keep getting a DSM but a black ortho. The ortho is all black but is huge.


Hey Matt,

Are you trying process a multi-spectral projects? Based on the median number of key points I am guessing it is a multi-spectral project. If so there may be a problem with your calibration picture, sometimes they are too dark or too bright. If you have other calibration target images you can try to change them. It has happened to me couple times and I was able to fix it by changing the calibration images.  


It is actually just images from a RGB canon camera. The export is black in GIS and shows up as value ranges from 0 to 0. The files size is still 2gb. In Pix4d Mosaic Editor, it also fails to show up. 





Hey Matt,

There may be a problem problem with the camera optimization settings. 15.59 % seems really high, I think ideally it should be below 5%. You may try to edit your Camera Model Parameters, which is under Image Properties Editor. You should check to see if the bands in Pix4D are actually matching with your camera.

As suggested by Selim the 15% error in the camera calibration is high but other factors could justify the issue related to the orthomosaic. Please share with us the full .pdf quality report and some screenshots of the rayCloud view so we better understand.

I can get the 15% down to 2% by forcing better vertical elevations but that does not help. Here is the quality report

Hi Matt,

Thank you!
The image acquisition plan and the calibration of the images are strange.

What are you trying to map exactly? It seems like you captured images of a roof maybe?
There is not a lot of texture (characteristic features in the images as there are repetitive patterns) and the flight plan could be improved to be more regular. Another problem I see is the white background that cannot be used at all for feature detection, matching and so model reconstruction.

I was having the same problem - a totally black orthoimage - until I realized I had the green arrow of the orthoplane pointing in the wrong direction.