Stuggling with Image Calibration


I have a large dataset that i am processing as subprojects. I am getting something like 90% of images uncalibrated. I have checked the images and they are all good quality taken with the DJI M300/P1 and with a 70% and 70% overlap.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Which software version are you using? Are you using 4.7.1? Sharing the PDF quality report would be helpful

Hi Alice,

I have got it to work by changing the calibration details and reducing the number of photos in each subset.

But now when im merging the two projects the merge fails at Generating the Quality Report (orthomosaic)?

If it can get through all the other steps fine why is it failing here?


May I ask if you are following instructions from this article? If yes send us the 2 quality reports created after Step 1. If not for merging projects please follow the steps described in the article.