Calibrate cameras- Orthomosaic creation


I am having some trouble with creating an orthomosaic. I used a DJI mini Pro 3 to collect the data. Once I load my data and attempt to calibrate I receive a “calibrate camera” error, like so -

I then followed this link -

but I saw nothing wrong - I believe I have enough overlap (in fact the images have a 100% overlap), The images are clear, ect. The only thing I haven’t diligently checked the camera model, but it looks okay from a cursory glance

I have attached the original images in this drive folder in case someone can take a look-

I also loaded the photos on ArcGIS Pro and they loaded alright but there were some small misalignments and gaps. I am a first-time user, so I have likely made a rudimentary error. I would be very grateful for any help.

Please let me know if you need anything.

Warm regards, Kedar

Hi @kedaravindan.bhaskar

For photogrammetry to work, you need to be able to triangulate points from images that have overlap but that are not placed at the same spot. I assume that the issue in your project comes from the fact that you have almost 100% overlap between your images. I recommend to have a look at these recommendations for flight plans (it’s in the PIX4Dmapper docs, but it applies the same to PIX4Dmatic):