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Error in online processing

Hello Guys

I have a project where I uploaded 2388 images to the cloud to process. After 24 hours, I get a response that the processing failed with the main error being “no camera calibration”. Any help would be appreciated here.

I used a Mavic 2 Pro drone with the normal modes I set for preparing orthophoto maps, planning my flight with the DJI GS Pro.

I should hasten to add that, I have generated an orthophoto map with the same dataset in other software suites.

I would attach the log files if need be, and the processing reports, where necessary.

Thank you for your assistance.





I’m really sorry for such a late answer. However, I hope my advice will help you successfully process your project. 

Because of the work overload we recently had in Support, I decided to speed up the processing and conduct a test including only part of your project - dataset (2).

By applying the following processing options, I managed to calibrate 920 out of 999 images. The terrain you’re reconstructing is demanding, but the results look promising.

Those 79 images couldn’t have been calibrated due to uniform content and lack of texture.

I believe that applying those processing options to the whole dataset should fix the issue of failing project.