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Pix4Dcloud Release Notes

Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced Release Notes



  • Added help button in the volume comparison
  • Added link to support article when selecting template

  • Pop up message when a user is reaching the end of the allowance

  • Direct access to Pix4Dcloud Advanced trial license through the account menu for users with access to Pix4Dcloud.


  • Fixed the issue with having decimals in the GCP target size (it did not process)
  • Fixed the issue where units were not properly taken when sharing a project
  • Fixed the issue with the start process button which could be clicked more than once and that was causing projects to fail.
  • Fixed the issue with importing a zipped point cloud. The uploader got stuck.
  • Fixed the issue when going back to the editor after using the compare mode, two orthos and two DSMs were displayed in the same project


  • Disable annotations in compare mode



  • Timeline performance improvements for large sites (+200 datasets)
  • Add icon for new data set button (Pix4Dcloud only)
  • Improved text visibility for projects that are processing in light theme mode
  • Improved spacing for elevation profile measurements
  • Improved user menu access for small mobiles
  • Added link to support article when a project is not well-aligned (only for projects using crane cameras)

  • 3D view is preserved when changing from one day to another.
    When a user is looking at the 3D view on Day1 and go to Day2 through the timeline, Day2 will also show the 3Dview


  • Persists the chosen language by the user
  • Fixed the issue when creating a project in a folder (it was created in the root level)
  • Empty folders could not be deleted despite they did not contain any project or site. Now it is possible to delete them.
  • Fixed the issue where invalid characters in the file imported as overlay broke the processing and the overlay was never displayed.