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Pix4Dcloud Release Notes

Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced Release Notes



  • Added help button in the volume comparison
  • Added link to support article when selecting template

  • Pop up message when a user is reaching the end of the allowance

  • Direct access to Pix4Dcloud Advanced trial license through the account menu for users with access to Pix4Dcloud.


  • Fixed the issue with having decimals in the GCP target size (it did not process)
  • Fixed the issue where units were not properly taken when sharing a project
  • Fixed the issue with the start process button which could be clicked more than once and that was causing projects to fail.
  • Fixed the issue with importing a zipped point cloud. The uploader got stuck.
  • Fixed the issue when going back to the editor after using the compare mode, two orthos and two DSMs were displayed in the same project


  • Disable annotations in compare mode



  • Timeline performance improvements for large sites (+200 datasets)
  • Add icon for new data set button (Pix4Dcloud only)
  • Improved text visibility for projects that are processing in light theme mode
  • Improved spacing for elevation profile measurements
  • Improved user menu access for small mobiles
  • Added link to support article when a project is not well-aligned (only for projects using crane cameras)

  • 3D view is preserved when changing from one day to another.
    When a user is looking at the 3D view on Day1 and go to Day2 through the timeline, Day2 will also show the 3Dview


  • Persists the chosen language by the user
  • Fixed the issue when creating a project in a folder (it was created in the root level)
  • Empty folders could not be deleted despite they did not contain any project or site. Now it is possible to delete them.
  • Fixed the issue where invalid characters in the file imported as overlay broke the processing and the overlay was never displayed.


NEW FEATURES - Template selection and AutoGCPs for crane projects

Different type of computation via template selection

Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced allow the user to select the type of computation they want to use. The “processing template” tab presents four different ways of processing, which can be selected depending on the type of flight, the camera and the required outputs. The user can also choose “Quality” to get the highest accuracy or “Rapid” to get faster results with lower resolution.

More detailed information can be found here .

The tab “AG multispectral” is specifically for multispectral cameras and produces an NDVI map as a result. For more information on multispectral cameras and which ones are supported, please see this article

AutoGCP alignment for Pix4Dcrane projects (only for Pix4Dcloud Advanced customers using Pix4Dcrane cameras)

The special characteristics of the sites captured with Crane Cameras mean that in order to detect the GCPs automatically, the standard AutoGCP algorithm released on June 9th had to be refined to adapt it for this use.

From now on, not only will the projects flown with drones automatically detect the GCPs but also the ones captured by Crane Cameras.

This new alignment based on GCPs will also allow the crane customers to specify the output coordinate system of their sites.

More information about the crane camera solution can be found here.

Message informing about the type of alignment used (Only for Pix4Dcloud Advanced customers using Pix4D crane cameras)

The editor (2D and 3D view) now includes three different messages to inform the user about the alignment of the site:

  • GCPs aligned data set -> for sites with auto detected GCPs

  • 2D aligned dataset -> for sites with no GCPs or sites where no more than 3 GCPs were found automatically

  • Low alignment confidence -> for sites with no GCPs and there are not enough images to guarantee a good 2D ortho alignment.

More information about the alignment and the different displayed messages can be found here.


  • Pop up Message when the GCP size has weird values. When the GCP size is lower than 20 cm or larger than 2 meters, a message is displayed to verify that it is correct.

  • New icon for projects which have been shared but have no outputs



  • Fixed the issue when the altitude was not properly computed in some projects until the user refreshed the browser. The right value is now displayed from the beginning.

  • Fixed the issue with the 3D embeds not working for anonymous users



  • New project group card in a stacked style

  • Search functionality includes folders:
    A project can be searched for even if it is inside a folder.

  • New NDVI and DSM icons visible in editor during tiling:

  • Messages in the comparison mode inform users about the alignment of the project

  • The GCP tab is not available if the project does not contain GCPs

  • Improved performance while uploading images


  • Fixed the issue which made the NDVI layer disappear when drawing a boundary. Now it is displayed and the user can better adjust the boundary.
  • Corrected text and inconsistencies in the user interface.

Dear users,

We have decided to change the way the release notes will be published.
From now on, please have a look at this support page which contains all of the release notes since June 9th 2020 when the product was launched officially.

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