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New Pix4Dag feature, general speed improvement and bug fixes

This new Pix4D Cloud release features new downloadable results for Pix4Dag, and further speed improvement.

Pix4Dag users can now download reflectance maps separately to build their own index map. The new outputs are available in your project’s Files > Results section.

We improved the performances of your cloud application dashboard, so now you can navigate it smoothly even when there are many items in it. Expect projects, sites and farms to load faster than before. Also, we solved a few slow code path in our backend. All in all, it improves the application speed by a good margin.

Other features and bug fixes

  • Fix an issue where it was not possible to rename a project by clicking on the page title
  • Removed the Share to Sketchfab tab


  • fix an issue where you can upload the orthomosaic multiple times
  • fix an issue where the upload button was sometimes not appearing
  • fix a few confusing messages
  • fix an issue where the start processing button was available while uploading


  • fix an issue in which a drawing was not removed when deleted from the list of drawing
  • fix an issue in which the drawing was not working on latest Safari browser