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Minor release

It’s Monday, there is sun hitting our windows, and we’ve just released a few bug fixes which mostly improves Pix4Dbim and Pix4Dag.

  • Fix NDVI layer display on Pix4Dag projects
  • The Pix4Dbim overlay alignment was not maintained when rotating the map
  • Fix annotations hierarchy
  • The opacity control for annotations now works in the 3D view
  • Fix an issue where two new projects instead of one were created when using the Upload images button from the timeline in Ag and Bim
  • Fix an issue where the app nav remain open when user create a new project instead of closing
  • Fix an issue where the annotations names don’t get properly saved & updated when double-clicking on another one
  • Fix an issue where left panel vanishes when completing a measurement right after collapsing the right-hand panel


Happy Monday!