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[Release July 3rd 2020] Template selection and more

After Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced has been released, the cloud team is being busy and has added some new things in the software.


  • Template selection

Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced allow the user to select which processing options template to use, either 3Dmaps or 3Dmodels, for now.

The 3Dmaps template is recommended for aerial images acquired using a grid flight plan and it generates point cloud, 3Dmesh, orthophoto and DSM. The 3D models template is recommended for aerial oblique flights or terrestrial images and it only generates a point cloud and a 3Dmesh.

There is a third type of processing template, which can be used in the cloud, i.e., Ag Multispectral, which is automatically selected if the images were captured with a multispectral camera and will produce an NDVI image.

More detailed information about the processing templates can be found here.


  • Overlay import allows zooming as much as needed
  • Welcome dialog has been removed and a new login icon has been added

  • Better support for Microsoft Edge browser
  • User interface improvements:
    • Better contrast in the uploader
    • Better contrast in the drop area in the wizard
    • Improved files view for mobile users
  • Pix4Dcloud favicon added


  • Compare mode:

    • Fix to show the compare button in shared projects
    • Fix to solve an issue with the second project not refreshing correctly
  • GCP report can be opened in Acrobat Reader

  • Fixed the issue where units were not taken properly from the account settings

  • Fixed the export button in the 3D inspector

  • Fixed to inform the user that a zip file is being prepared for download