Optmized your processing options for building projects in PIX4Dcloud and PIX4Dcloud Advanced

The 3Dmodel tab in the PIX4Dcloud processing options, includes a new building reconstruction process which improves the calibration, point cloud and 3Dmesh generation for projects that have been flown around a building.

It is based on the 3Dmodel template adding some settings which have an impact on the number of points that are generated in the point cloud and therefore, on the quality of the 3Dmesh aswell.

This new process works especially well in buildings with uniform facades where the automatic matching algorithms tend to fail to get many points.
On the contrary, in other types of projects, the same settings can produce some noise.

As an example, below there are two projects, one processed with the standard 3Dmodel template (right) and one processed with the building reconstruction (left).

The template is available for both PIX4Dcloud and PIX4Dcloud Advanced users under the 3Dmodel tab: