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Poor quality in Pix4D cloud compared to Pix4DModel.

I have always used Pix4Dmodel, but after the new cloud release, the quality of the 3D model is very poor. I need the same quality to my clients. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Hi @cra,

How are you creating your projects? Uploading from Pix4Dmapper or directly creating a new dataset on Pix4Dcloud?

In the past, the 3D Models template was applied to projects created with the Pix4Dmodel solution or uploaded to this one. You can see which are the templates that are applied with the new Pix4Dcloud in What are the templates and processing options applied to Pix4Dcloud. In your case the 3D Maps template might not be appropriate for your dataset. I would suggest uploading from Pix4Dmapper and customizing the options for processing on Pix4Dcloud.

Hi @alice.Pix4D

Thank you for the reply.

I am uploading directly to the cloud, as the pix4Dmodel is discontinued.

So, is it not possible to create a 3D-model in the new cloud platform?

Pix4Dcloud does produce a 3D Mesh and a Point Cloud, however with a 3D Maps template whose calibration options are generally recommended for nadir flights.
3D Models and 3D Maps are only the names of the applied templates. You can see which are the outputs that are generated with these templates here.

Okay. So, how do I select the 3D model template in the new cloud platform?

There is no way to select it from the Pix4Dcloud interface.
To apply a 3D Model template the project must be created in Pix4Dmapper beforehand, the template applied and the project files uploaded for processing.

You can follow the instructions here.

Choosing the template can be done from the processing options

Okay. So there are no way to make the 3D model in the cloud as it was before?

We are working on a quick implementation to allow the users to select either 3Dmaps or 3Dmodel template before uploading the images in the web.It will be ready in the next days.
As soon as it is ready, I will post it here so please follow this thread to be updated.
In the meantime, the only workaround is to use the desktop version, select the correct template and upload to cloud to process there.

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Hi, we just released a fix today. You can now select which template to use, either 3Dmaps or 3Dmodel:

Best Regards.

Hello, I confirm, quality is poor…

Even with 3D model or 3D maps. (sometimes we need both, and is not possible to do it)
example : architectural inspection with topographic study (nadir+circular)

I’ll generate, in few day, the same project I implemented in pix4d cloud with pix4d model and I will share the result. We will see.


Hi @3dservice.direction,

our recommendations on flight planning for building reconstruction can be found at this link.

For complete freedom on processing options, MTPs and control points, merged datasets, we recommend using Pix4Dmapper.