Pix4DCapture Pro & DJI Mavic 3E RTK Issues

I downloaded and loaded the app today.

Very disappointed that it does not have the ability to do Free Flight as the non-pro version did.

Fist issue was the new custom RTK not connecting. I finally had to reopen Pilot2 and re-connect to custom RTK (it was previously connected) and then close Pilot. It did work after that.

I planned a simple Grid flight and it came up all green and said it was taking off but it would not. It then said mission complete and the app crashed. This happened several times and with different missions And yes, the Pilot 2 app was force closed at the time.

The only way I could get it to work was to start in Pilot 2, get the drone airborne, then force close Pilot and start Capture. Then it completed the mission, though at the end, it did not return home, but instead switched to manual flight. This is even though I have RTH selected for end of mission.

So it’s workable, but not efficient at all.

I’m experiencing the exact same issue.


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Thanks for reporting this problem. I just informed the developers, they will start investigating this issue shortly.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

We will be reporting as soon as possible about the fix.

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Just wanted to add to this and also say that I experienced the same issue today (05/16/23). Similar to Austen, the only way I could get the app to execute the mission was to take off in DJI Pilot 2, close the app then open Pix4D Capture Pro and start the mission there. If I were to do it in any other order, the app would crash. I also was not able to get RTK to work properly within the app either. It would connect but then as soon as I try to run a mission the whole app would crash and not all me to do anything until I restarted the drone and controller.

Hi @Austen_Proctor

Please could you send us the log files? This will help us to investigate the issue.
I am looking forward to your answer.

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Hi @dylan1

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Please could you send us the log files? This will help us to investigate the issue.
I am looking forward to your answer.

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I just wanted to add a few more details.

I have tried every mission type and have been unable to take off while using capture pro. Most of the time the app crashes after you try to start the mission, sometimes it doesn’t and just marks the mission as complete.

Having RTK connected or disconnected does not affect the issue.

Dylan & Survey11,
Here is what they sent me after I uploaded my log files:

Hi Austen,

Thank you very much for your detail replied and for sharing the log file.

I shared all the information and the log file with the developing team.

Our developing team is aware of this issue. We identified it as a bug. We are working on identifying the cause. However, the time needed to fix this bug is not completely in our control at the moment. This bug may take some time as we also are in contact with DJI to see what could be the cause. Nevertheless, we understand the priority level of this issue.

Once we fix it, we will announce it immediately in the following articles:
Technical release notes (Android) - PIX4Dcapture Pro
Technical release notes (iOS) - PIX4Dcapture Pro

Once again, we appreciate your patience with us. Thank you for reporting this.

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Hi @survey11

Thanks for sharing the details.
For now, what we need to have are several log files where we can study this issue in depth. If you could send us this information, we would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

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Version 1.0.1 was released today. It did not correct any of these issues.

Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue.

DJI’s SDK for the Mavic 3 Enterprise series and Matrice 300 RTK drones has a bug which prevents them from correctly locating the remote controller. Because the remote controller’s location is necessary for DJI to comply with the FAA’s Remote ID requirements, the drone is not able to take off. We have made DJI aware of the issue, and they have indicated that they will introduce a fix in the next SDK release, which remains currently unscheduled.

In the meantime, we recommend that users first takeoff with their aircraft using DJI Pilot 2 before killing DJI Pilot 2 and launching PIX4Dcapture Pro. This also means that the RTK positioning will not be able to be enabled within the app since it is mandatory for the drone to be landed in order to do so.

We apologise for the inconvenience and look forward to releasing an update incorporating DJI’s fix as soon as they make it available.

I appreciate the update.

I had this exact same problem last week. I also had an issue where the app was forcing me to buy a cloud/credit combo package before it would allow me to use it even though I’m already a Pix4D mapper perpetual license holder. It is my understanding that you either need a current S&U license (meaning that a perpetual Pix4D license is not sufficient) or a cloud subscription. So in order to use Capture Pro you must pay to use it. Why does not the discovery level of Capture Pro work ? Also, why was I forced to buy credits with the cloud subscription when I don’t need credits? I don’t need to do cloud processing (that’s what I have a Desktop mapper license for) but I could not buy the cloud subscription without also buying credits. Not cool.

Hello @Steffen_Cornell, I believe there is some misunderstanding. We do have a different licensing model to use the PIX4Dcapture Pro software. In your case, you could only use the PIX4Dcapture Pro app as a discovery user because the support and updates of your PIX4Dmapper license have expired. To use the PIX4Dcapture Pro, you would need a valid license with active Support and Updates. You don’t need PIX4Dcloud to use PIX4Dcaptuer Pro if you have valid PIX4Dmapper support. A valid license is required to use PIX4Dcaptuer Pro (Professional). For more information, visit


Has this issue now been resolved by DJI do you know??

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