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Phantom 3 Professional Support

Just wondering if the newest DJI Phantom 3 will be supported and if so when. I’ll be upgrading my vision plus to the Phantom 3 and would like to know if and when the pix4d map will be available for it.

Hello Paul,

The new DJI Phantom 3 will be supported by our iOS/Android application. We are working very closely with DJI in order to extend the compatibility of our App to the Phantom 3 as soon as possible.

We will also integrate the Phantom 3’s camera to the database of our computer software, Pix4Dmapper. We are processing data sets in order to calibrate the 4K camera and include the optimized camera parameters in our database.

We hope that the Phantom 3 will be fully supported by both Pix4Dmapper and Pix4Dmapper Capture App soon.


Does that mean that the App will be released along the same time frame as the inspire1 app since the Phantom 3 and Isnpire1 share the same 4K camera specs?

Hello Paul,

Yes, both of them will come together.



Have you got any indication of the release date for the capture app to support the phantom 3?

We are a surveying company in Australia and are eager to get the phantom 3 mapping with the Pix4d software and capture APP.

Hello my name is Jesus and I’m from Granada (Spain). I am Surveyor. I read in this forum that are going to implement mobile app for the new “Phantom 3” in the near future.

I have a important question about its future application. It can be used for both the “P3 Advanced” as for “P3 Professional”?


The release of the DJI’s SDK was a bit delayed but our application should be compatible with the Inspire 1 and the Phantom 3 Professional possible by the end of May.

Our application will also be compatible with the Phantom 3 Advanced, but the SDK for this drone will come later on. Our application will possibly support this drone by the end of June.


The Capture App aside, can you please let us know when the Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced camera specs will be integrated into the camera database in Pix4D Mapper?

Dear Caleb,

The camera of the Phantom 3 Professional has just been added to our camera database on the 18th of May. Make sure to close and restart Pix4Dmapper to automatically update the camera database.

Note that only the highest resolution (4000x3000) is currently available. Lower resolutions will follow soon.

As for the Phantom 3 Advanced, its camera should be added in the following days to the camera database.



The camera of the Phantom 3 Advanced is now present in our camera database.

Different resolutions, for the Pro and the Advanced have also been added.


I’m going to buy DJI Phantom 3 Pro and to use it with Pix4Dmapper Capture Application to fly over long range distances (2 km) to get geotagged photos (coordinates and camera direction). Is Capture Application will support so long flights?
So far, I did’t use the Capture Application software so forgive me if my question is trivial.

So…just so i understand correctly…the Phantom 3 Advanced is now supported? Does it require a wifi range extender?

Dear James,

The Capture for Phantom 3 is not yet ready, it will be needed still wifi range extender like for Phantom 2 and Phantom Vision 2 +.

For more information:
OFFICIAL POST: Capture App for Phantom 3 Advance and Pro, and for Inspire 1:


Dear Jaroslav,

Regarding the range of the area, it will works like the actual version, we will estimate with colors depending the size of the area, drone used, etc, and if the battery can survive long enough, you can then try larger areas, we are still doing tests to see which is the maximum grid suggested.

It is not suggested to fly so large areas, in one hand, by law it may not be allowed in your country, and then the connection can be lost and give problems capturing the images in the mobile, in such case, it is better have several flights and merge the images in one project.


Come on Pix4d… waypoint missions are needed asap.

Any news on when the Phantom 3 will be supported?

I think there is a beta of the app but it’s only on android unfortunately…

Is this (^) true? Is the Phantom 3 supported in beta mode on Android?

Yes the beta is on Android. Check this:–Android-Beta-Phantom-3-Professional-Advanced-and-Inspire-1

Any news for ios users?