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Phantom 4 Pro Camera

I was wondering if anyone has found the camera specs for the Phantom 4 Pro and plugged the numbers into the GSD calculator.  I want to see how it compares to the Inspire 1 Pro.

Also is the Phantom 4 Pro camera supported in Pix4D Mapper Pro yet?


Wonder if the mechanical shutter will be a positive in processing?

Great question Gary.  I was wondering the same as well.  The software shouldn’t have to compensate for the rolling shutter with the P4P.  Will that improve accuracy and processing time?

I was buying the latest/greatest to get the best outputs possible, I’ve sense wised up some!

Also wondering if the camera is supported in Pix4D

The P4P is currently not compatible with any flight planning software… Thus, it is basically useless for mapping at the moment.

Hi all,

@ Jordan

It is in our pipeline to have the Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 in our list of supported drones with Pix4Dcapture, however, we are not able to give a timeline for this integration.

The new DJI SDK 3.5 (what allows the communication between the app and the drone’s firmware), which supports Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2, has just been released by DJI. We will work on it as soon as we have the drones in our office. We might have the Phantom 4 Pro first. If we receive it soon, we could support it mid-January on Android and a bit later on iOS (rough estimation). For the inspire 2, currently it is in pre-order so we do not know exactly when we will get it.

@ Gary, Todd, Ben

As for Pix4D desktop, it can process images taken with any cameras. The only requirement is to have .jpeg or .tif images.
If the camera is included in our database, the camera is detected through the images and its optimized parameters are used for processing.

If the camera is not included, like for the Phantom 4 Pro, EXIF files of the images are loaded for processing in case they contain the corresponding camera parameters. This should happen in your case and we expect the internal parameters (sensor width, pixel size, etc.) to be loaded in the Edit Camera Model window:
To calibrate a perspective camera from scratch we recommend to follow this article:

The workflow that we would suggest is first to run step 1. Initial Processing and to eventually improve the results by following the procedure described in the calibration article from 9.

Note that for an optimal calibration of the camera we recommend a good aerial nadir dataset with the specifications mentioned in the article.

The mechanical shutter of the the Phantom 4 Pro will improve the accuracy and processing time probably, even though the current linear rolling shutter correction already gives very good results for other DJI drones.

We are waiting to receive the new DJI drones to add their camera to our database.


Now that the P4P is supported in the capture app, are the camera specs included with Mapper Pro?  Will mapper pro automatically detect the camera settings? 

Thanks much!


Hi Todd,

Yes, the camera model of the Phantom 4 Pro is now included in our database.


Would you mind giving us the SPECS for the typical drone cameras? I am interested in the Phantom 4 Pro as I go through the tutorial and it says to use the GSD calculator.


I searched for the details but could not find them.


I am trying to figure out what height to fly at for optimal acquisition::

The flight height H  that is needed to obtain a given GSD can be computed and depends on the camera focal length, the camera sensor width [mm], and the image width [pixels].

| |

Sw = real sensor width [mm]

FR = real focal length [mm]

H = flight height [m]

Dw = distance covered on the ground by one image in the width direction (footprint width) [m]





Hello Jim,

You can find the specifications for Phantom 4 Pro camera here:

The camera model is in the Pix4D Desktop camera database. Thus, you can also find them in the xml file with all the registered cameras, that is located in the Pix4Dmapper installation folder, as you can see here:

Additionally, if you have a project taken with this camera model you can find the internal parameters of the camera in Pix4D Desktop, in the Image Properties window, when selecting Edit… in the Selected Camera Model section.


I too would like to be able to do calculations but have been unable to find the Sw = real sensor width [mm]…neither in the Pix4D Desktop camera database nor on the DJI specs is there an obvious Sw. Has anyone been able to find that for the 4 Pro? Or am I just missing what Pix4D calls it in their xml file?



Hi John,

The camera models are referenced with a code. For the Phantom 4 Pro camera, it is: FC6310_8.8_5472x3648.
You will probably find that Sw = 12.8333 mm and Fr = 8.6 mm.


|   |   |


Glad you answered this back in April!  It’s still getting views (and used) today.



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Hi all,

On the DJI specs for the Phantom 4 Pro, it says the sensor is a 1’’ CMOS.

If it is a 1 inch sensor, then wouldn’t the Sw be 25.4mm?

For the lens Focal Length, Fr it says 8.8 mm

Do you think that’s right?


Actually these links suggest that the Sw should be 13.2mm—Specifications×-8-8mm

Focal Length: 8.604

Sensor Width: 12.8333

Sensor Height: 8.55554

Sensor Width: 5472

Sensor Height: 3648

Can you please send calibration parameters of phantom 4 pro?

You can find this in the Pix4D camera database stored locally on your computer on this path: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\pix4d\common\19

Here is a screenshot for the camera of the Phantom 4 Pro:

The focal length of the Phantom 4 Pro is 8.8 mm. Why does the Pix4D camera profile show 8.60423?


Also what is the actual sensor width for the camera? DJI’s website does not give this information.