inspire pro x5

can I use my inspire pro x5 with your software yet. Or when will it be available.

Hello Stephen,

Our software is able to process images captured by any drones/UAVs and any cameras (compact, DSLR, large frame and perspective or fisheye lens). The only requirement is to have JPG or TIFF images.

However this camera is not included in our database yet.
Therefore you will have to calibrate in order to process the project with optimized internal parameters.

The procedure is as follows.
To calibrate perspective camera:

You should calibrate the camera using a good dataset.

Ideally it should be a 100 images aerial nadir data set with sufficient overlap of at least 75% frontal overlap and 60% side overlap.
In case of terrestrial or free flight, we suggest that you increase the overlap to 85% and 70% respectively. The main issue is to avoid capturing sky background since tie points are less easily matched. Hence the camera should point towards the ground (45 degrees).

However this depends on the type of survey and terrain, please check:

Best regards,

Do you anticipate adding the Inspire pro X5 soon?  I’m about to purchase this hardware for use in Pix 4d and I’d be more comfortable if the calibration was performed by Pix4d’s experienced staff.

After I double checked, there is a camera in our database that might very likely correspond to the DJI MFT 15mm f/1.7 ASPH lens.
We will calibrate and add the camera models for the other lenses as soon as possible.
Meantime you could use this camera labelled as FC550_15.0_4608x3456.

Best regards,

Any news concerning Inspire Pro Integration?

Looks like at the moment neither latest iPhone 6 iOS nor the Pro version of the DJI Inspire (either lens) is supported, yes?

Even when bying an Android mobile phone to work with your mapper software; the entire Pro-Hardware is not supported yet, right?





Any news on the inspire zenmuse x5 pro camera we are looking to purchase this product but not until it work with x5 many thanks Steve 


I am also about to purchase an Inspire Pro x5 and would be happier if the standard lens along with the add-on lenses - was already pre-installed inside Pix4D Mapper Pro.  For example, I plan to use the Olympus Zukio 45mm lens for close-up shots of structures. It is a relief that Pix4D are already working on this.  >>Pix4D Support: are you able to advise when these lenses will be added as standard?  Thanks.



This is taking its time to sort the x5 inspire…:angry:

So is the suggested camera model (FC550_15.0_4608x3456) not producing good results?

Hi all,

Pix4Dmapper, our computer software, can process images taken with any cameras, DSLR, large format or lightweight compact camera, perspective or fisheye lens, and using any applications. The only requirement is to have .jpeg or .tiff images.

If the camera is included in our database, the camera is detected through the images and its optimized parameters are used for processing. Currently we have the following camera models in our database:

  • Inspire 1 Pro Zenmuse X5 - Lens: DJI MFT 15mm f/1.7 ASPH - Resolution: 4608x3456
  • Inspire 1 Pro Zenmuse X5 - Lens: Olympus12mm - Resolution: 4608x3456
  • Inspire 1 Pro Zenmuse X5R - Lens: DJI MFT 15mm f/1.7 ASPH - Resolution: 4608x3456

If the camera is not included:

  1. EXIF files of the images are loaded for processing in case they contain the corresponding camera parameters (for some specific professional cameras but not for modified cameras).
  2. You can edit the camera model directly in our software in case you know all the camera parameters. This will add them to our database:
  3. In case you do not have EXIF files and do not know the camera parameters, it is possible to calibrate the camera by processing a good dataset (cf. my reply above).

For Pix4Dcapture, our mobile application, we support the Inspire 1 on Android (3.0.1) and iOS (1.2.2). The Inspire 1 Pro is the exact sane aircraft but with the Zenmuse X5 camera. We have tested with both apps and we expect that it works. Note however, the overlap is defined according the FoV of the Zenmuse X3 meaning that the overlap should be slightly adjusted following when using a X5: