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Pix4D and compatible cameras/sensors!

Thanks for the forums! Great to learn more about Pix4D products!

Question - I use a Phantom 2 and a Tarot Pro 680 - the Phantom with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black - original and one with a modified 5.4mm lens. On the Tarot Pro, I fly with a Sony NEX 5.

While I’m interested in Pix4D - are there any applications that are camera agnostic? It seems, unless I’m misinformed, that it needs to be a supported camera - like a Phantom Vision+ and others.

Is the Pix4Dmapper software or other applications compatible with other cameras? Just trying to find out which Pix4D applications might be an option with this hardware!


I found the answer! I just followed the links in the initial post - I didn’t see this info within the mapper info! Feel free to delete this thread! Thanks.

Hi Jeff,

Pix4Dmapper can work with any camera given that the images have good quality. If you use a camera that does not exist in Pix4Dmapper database, then you can still use it paying more attention in the quality report:
(see camera optimization: The relative difference between initial and optimized camera parameters should be below 5%.)

If this is not the case, you could contact our Support Team to help you with the camera calibration or post another question to our Forum.


Im interested in a lens/camera profile for the 5.4mm modified lens gopro 3+ too. For those not aware the 5.4mm lens removes most of the fisheye.
Link to the ‘found answer’?

Hi Troy,

I think Jeff was referring to:


I am in the same position as Troy. I am not clear on what the answer is. Should I create a new model with all the parameters of the GoPro except the focal lenght _FR = (F35 * SwR) / 34.6 (mm) _where F35 is 5.4 and Swr is 7? Are the results better than using the stock lens for mapping? I use the GoPro with a gimbal, is that combination any better that using a point and shoot camera with out a gimbal for mapping?

Hi all,

for the modified GoPro:


My understanding is that adding the 5.4mm lens, your camera model is not a fisheye model anymore. It is a perspective one. So, you should set your model as perspective:

you should find the sensor width or the pixel size from the camera manufacturer and set the focal length to 5.4 mm.

let us know if this has worked. I bet it will. 



I purchased the MAPIR NDVI Blue + NIR camera and Pix4D does not support this camera. Here is a link to the camera:


Is there any way for the Pix4D team to update the software to support this camera?

Hi Paul, 

We believe that this camera is already in our camera database with the name “MAPIR_Survey1_NDVI_4.3_4032X3024”.
Please make sure that the images are taken with the same resolution of 4032X3024 so that the model can be recognized automatically by the software. Or check in the available camera models drop-down list if it can be selected as described here:

In case it is not the same camera as described above, it is possible for you to add a new model to your personal user camera database.
The procedure to do this for modified cameras such as the MAPIR NDVI Blue + NIR is to: