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GoPro Hero9 parameters

Hi all,

I’ve been attempting to use Pix4D mapper in and underground mine with some good success so rather than colleting via drone I have been using a GoPro Hero9 and consistent lighting. Anyone out there using it for the same purposes?

My main question is I am trying to look for the camera parameters for the Hero9, there are a few saved cameras in the database but not the one I’m looking for and cannot find these details online. Any ideas?




Indeed, in Pix4Dmapper internal camera database, you can find only the definition of Hero 3, 4 and 5.

As an alternative you should calibrate your camera on your own using our instruction on How to calibrate a Fisheye Lens Camera. It will add the parameters to the user camera database. Afterwards, each time you create a new project with Hero 9, Pix4Dmapper will load the parameters from that database.