No GoPro support??

AHHHHHH!!  I’m presenting to an engineering company today & updated my software this morning to find out that GoPro isn’t supported & I can’t even open my files!!!  What happened?   I wish there was a heads up before the upgrade, I was hoping to use this big project I just did that took almost 24 hours to render for this meeting.  



Hello Hellen,

Could you please let us know which camera model you used to capture the images and what resolution your images have? You could as well send us a sample image to test this?

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I talked to someone from support yesterday.  The new update doesn’t support the 7mega pixel setting I had on the GoPro.  They’re going to call me back today to let me know if any of my GoPro settings will work on the new update.  If not, I’m kinda stuck.  We were hoping to get the full version of Pix4D along with a designated computer (on order) specifically for that.  I’m reliant on the GoPro for that to all happen.  

It was my settings, it doesn’t support the 7mp I used on that particular project.  It will support other settings on the GoPro & the full Pix4D pro version will support all of them.  




I am quite upset.  I don’t use this software very often and I just updated it today.  Now I find out there is no support for GoPro 4.  I feel completely mislead and ripped off after paying what I did for software that is advertised and used to work with my gopro and no does not.  I really need to rectify this asap because I will loose this job because of this problem. 



Hi Kyle,

Pix4Dmapper Mesh supports the highest image resolution that can be captured by the GoPro 4. Do you have 12 MP images that you can process for your project? If not, is it possible to capture images using the highest resolution available with your GoPro Hero 4?

Please note that the other image options and video files capture formats captured by the GoPro produce lower resolution frames than the 12 MP image option. Thus the 12 MP image option provides Pix4Dmapper with the highest level of image content available with this camera.

You can find a complete list of the file formats and cameras supported by Pix4Dmapper Mesh at