Will there be a version of pix4d Capture support mavic 3?

I just owned a DJI mavic 3 drone, but I also find there is no Flight planning app that support this drone. Will pix4d launch a newer version of pix4dcapture that support mavic 3? And when will it happen?

The issue is with DJI. They have not released the SDK for the Mavic 3 yet. This means that no 3rd party app can support this drone. In all likelihood they will release it but it just takes time. Once it is released I would look at our app called PIX4Dscan.

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Cheers! Thank you for you reply! I’m looking forward the new version

Is there any update? I can not findMavic 3 Section” in supported device menu.

The Mavic 3 SDK is still not released from DJI. Until DJI releases this no app can support this drone.

It appears DJI is going to limit this to the Mavic 3 Enterprise and everyone who has a Mavic 3 is SOL