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GoPro with 4.35mm lens

I am looking at flying a project using 2 GoPros fitted with the 4.35 mm lens like this one

I have previously processed images using the fisheye lens and P4D seems to handle that ok. I was wondering if I need to supply the lens details in the image settings or will P4D pick this up?


Richard, you’ll be fine. Pix4D will identify the camera and use the standard parameters, but you can make a rough edit of the camera model to reflect the change to the lens. Afterwards Pix4D will by default refine the camera model and calculate a much more exact focal length, along with optimizing other lens parameters.

From the image properties menu you can edit the camera model, saving the optimized parameters for the next time. You’re self calibrating the system to an extraordinary degree.

I’ve used the stock lens in a GoPro, and I’ve used a longer focal length as well. The GoPro isn’t my favorite but they are expedient, have a lot of mounting solutions, and solve the problem of finding a camera that is lightweight with a fast enough intervalometer.


Thanks for that Steve. GoPro is not my favourite either but we needed 2 identical cameras and already had these. As you say the mounting options are also excellent. Doing a test flight today to see how it turns out.


I’d like the thing lots better if I could get the imagery raw or less aggressively compressed. But it cycles fast and with the longer focal length you can shoot a lot of decent photos quickly.

Do keep in mind any flight planning software you might use will be assuming the bigger footprint of the stock camera, as well as the standard ground sample size.